Season 1, Type 1 Diabetes

Ep. 7 Dave and Eric

Ask Me About My Type 1 is back from spring break and do I have a show for you! I’m back at it with the Q & A format and let me tell you this episode is filled with all kinds of Q’s and really thought-provoking A’s! Listen to Dave tell us all about his experiences studying abroad with his Type 1, how much diabetes misrepresentation on late-night talk shows really ticks him off (#dobetterjimmyfallon), AND Dave introduces a new way for you Type Nones to get a sense of the kinds of decisions we Type 1s have to make on the daily.  We also learn about the financial burden that is Type 1 withOUT health insurance and what worries both Dave and I the most about our Type 1. Listen to Episode 7 of Ask Me About My Type 1 now on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , and Stitcher or anywhere you listen to podcasts.




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