Season 1, Type 1 Diabetes

Ep. 9 Erica, Caitlyn, and Perri

We’re talking about bikes today on Ask Me About My Type 1 and how a series of bike tours helped me develop a much healthier relationship with my Type 1. This episode features three guests and they all have one very unique experience in common: they’ve all biked across the country with me! I interview my teammates from rides past and learn what biking for 80 and 70 days straight respectively with me and my Type 1 was like for my Type None teammates, Erica and Caitlyn, while my Type 1 teammate Perri and I talk about that one time we biked to San Francisco with 18 other Type 1s on a team called Bike Beyond. Listen to Episode 9 of Ask Me About My Type 1 now on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher or anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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