Season 1, Type 1 Diabetes

Ep. 14 Where Are They Now Season Finale Special Part 1

The time has come to start ramping up so I can proceed to ramp back down for the end of Season One of Ask Me About My Type 1! The Season One Finale is coming at you in two parts and this week is all about Part 1 of the Where Are They Now Special. I’ll be speaking with guests from episodes past to see what they’ve been getting up to since we last spoke and how all things life AND Type 1 are going. In Part 1 I speak with Dave from Episode 7 and Olivia from Episode 2 about both the unforeseen hardships AND unexpected surprises that Type 1 can bring. Dave tells us about the two years he spent without health insurance and the help he found online while Olivia talks about how her dream job started negatively affecting her A1C and the changes that had to be made. Listen to Part 1 of the Season Finale of Ask Me About My Type 1 now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher or anywhere you listen to podcasts.



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