Season 2

Back to School

Ask Me About My Type 1 is back for Season 2 Dia-Peoples!! It’s been a long summer but I’m your host, Walt Drennan, and do I have a season premiere for you!! It’s back to school season here at Ask Me About My Type 1 and in order to celebrate I thought there couldn’t be anyone better to hear from than a Type 1 actually starting their first year of college. I invite on Type 1 guest Destin and her Type None roommate Bella who are both starting their freshman year of college TODAY!! Like literally they start classes today. Bella asks some big questions that get us talking about insulin pricing and health insurance practices (SPOILERS: Destin and I both hate them), Destin tells us about this really weird sounding melon diet she’s thinking of starting that might cure her Type 1 (it won’t), and I realize just how very old I am when I give Destin some outdated Type 1 college advice. The bell for the start of Season 2 is about to ring so grab your books and find a good seat because Ask Me About My Type 1 Season 2 is now officially in session!! Listen to Episode 1 of Ask Me About My Type 1 Season 2 now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher or anywhere you listen to podcasts.
For more information on how you or your Type 1 student can make things a little easier for themselves at school check out the resources at Beyond Type 1 here .

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