The Mental Health Side of Type 1

SPECIAL ALERT!! SPECIAL ALERT!! BONUS EPISODE!! BONUS EPISODE!! No this is not a drill Dia-Peoples and Type Nones! In honor of Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month Ask Me About My Type 1 is releasing a bonus episode where I bring Jen Bartels back on to talk about her experience with anxiety and depression and how she feels both have been effected by her recent Type 1 diagnosis. It’s an honest discussion about the very real psychological toll that Type 1 can take and one that I urge all of us to be part of this month. If you find yourself struggling, you’re not alone. If you’re in need of help, reach out. Friends, family, mental health professionals; there are so many people out there that care about you and want to understand what you’re going through so they can help. Check out the resource links below and see which one fits you best. Always remember, you’re worth it.
Mental Health Resources:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ or Call 1-800-273-8255

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