Season 2, Type 1 Diabetes

Into the Woods with Type 1: Interviews from SoCal Slipstream 2019 Part 2


Rise and shine Dia-Campers!! It’s the last day of camp and a time to reflect on everything we have learned this Slipstream weekend which is why this episode of Ask Me About My Type 1 is made up entirely of interviews from SoCal Slipstream 2019. We get a first-hand account of the true beginnings of Connected In Motion and the Slipstream program from someone who was actually there along with more stories from campers and what this Slipstream weekend meant for them. It’s my small contribution to the celebration of our community that is Connected In Motion’s Slipstream program. So make sure all your things are packed, that you’ve exchanged insta-handles with all your new Dia-buddies, and DO NOT forget to grab your insulin from the med-cabin refrigerator because it’s the last day of camp and Ask Me About My Type 1 is casting this last Slipstream pod now!! Listen to Part 2 of Episode 6 of Ask Me About My Type 1 Season 2 now on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher or anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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