Season 2, Type 1 Diabetes

Politicking Type 1

As National Diabetes Awareness Month comes to a close and with Turkey day is fast approaching, I couldn’t think of an episode topic that could both help focus all your built-up Type 1y awareness-spreading energy AND prepare you for a conversation that will most certainly tick off uncle Bob and at least half of your Grandparents BETTER than this one!! It’s all about Politics on Ask Me About My Type 1 this week, Dia-Citizens of voting age!! It’s one of the tabooiest of subjects but one that has profound effects on the way we as Type 1s take care of ourselves in the United States. That’s why I wrote to my representative in the Pennsylvania House, Sara Innamorato, and asked her to be my Type None guest for this week in Type 1 Politics!! I have on Type 1 guest Tracey from the local T1Yinzer group and together we tell Sara all about living with Type 1 in South West PA. Sara asks about our experiences navigating the American Health Care system as Type 1s, our opinions on Pennsylvania’s recent legislative response to the opioid epidemic, and also leaves us with some helpful tips on how to take our Type 1 activism to the NEXT level. It’s time to politick everyone so grab your voter registration card and take notes because Ask Me About My Type 1 is live and streaming!! Listen to Episode 12 of Ask Me About My Type 1 Season 2 now on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher or anywhere you listen to podcasts.



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