Season 3

S3Ep5: Type 1s, FurSuit Up!

FurSuit UP Type 1s and Nones!!! I’m sitting down with my new Type 1 AND Furry friend, Bailey, and learning about the ins and outs of FurSuiting with Type 1. Bailey’s Type None boyfriend, Alex, joins us and shares his experience learning about both Bailey’s Type 1 and furry fandom and how he has learned to be there for Bailey when she’s all suited up in her octopus, deer, dog, skunk hybrid fursona, and no that isn’t a typo. Bailey also teaches me about the misconceptions that surround the furry community but also how it is so much more than people on the outside realize. It’s a fascinating conversation where I get to revisit my mascoting days and learn how traveling with Type 1 supplies is a cake walk compared to traveling with a fursuit. So zip up your favorite arctic fox suit and make sure your head is on straight because the Ask Me About My Type 1 episode all about Type 1 furrying is live!!! Listen to Episode 5 of Ask Me About My Type 1 Season 3 now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher or aynwhere you listen to podcasts.


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