Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep8: T1 Body Movin

Hello Type 1s and Nones!!! This week I have on Type 1 guest Madi and her Type None friend Mia. The three of us talk about the power of movement and how it found both Madi and Mia through Zumba. They are now both Zumba instructors and while Madi tells us about what Zumba and movement has done for her relationship with her Type 1, Mia helps give me an entirely new perspective on insecurity and how feeling self-conscious isn’t just a Type 1 thing. So put on your favorite pair of Zumba leggings and stretch out those hammys because we be T1 body movin on the newest episode of Ask Me About My Type 1 all about the power of movement!!!


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