Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep9: Type 1 Guy Talk

This week on Ask Me About My Type 1 I have on the co-founder of Maximus Bolus, Matt Tarro, and his long time Type None friend, Nick Parker. Matt and I discuss the apparent lack of a male presence in the Type 1 space that we both noticed and what Matt has been doing to hopefully address it. As co-creator of the newly formed Type 1 guy group, Maximus Bolus, Matt tells us how the group came to be and what it has already been able to accomplish through web calls with Type 1 men from around the world. Parker is our Type None guest and asks some really great Q’s in the interest of being able to connect on the Type 1 level with the three Type 1 men that he knows. So grab a seat in your favorite lazy-boy recliner and tune in to this week’s Ask Me About My Type 1 all about guy talk.


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