Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep10: T1 Diagnosis in the Time of COVID

This week on Ask Me About My Type 1 I have on Marissa who was diagnosed only a few weeks ago during the current global state of COVID 19 crisis. So much of the information relating to COVID 19 and Type 1 assumes that Type 1 is preexisting, but what happens when your diagnosis comes in the middle of the aforementioned pandemic? That’s where my new Type 1 guest Marissa and her Type None boyfriend, Charlie, come in. Marissa and Charlie tells us how they’ve been navigating Marissa’s newly diagnosed Type 1 while in the bubble of quarantine, how she’s been managing Type 1 so far, and the huge support Type 1 social media has been. It’s a fascinating perspective that thousands of newly diagnosed Type 1s are currently living and Ask Me About My Type 1 is here to learn all about it!!!


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