Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep11: Teaching with Type 1

Hey Type 1 and Nones!!! I’m back and class is in session. This week I have on Type 1 Mary along with her best friend and our Type None guest, Taylor, both of whom are 3rd grade teachers. Mary shares with the us the not so heard of perspective of the Type 1 teacher, that is a school teacher who lives with Type 1. Mary tells us how she’s managed to fill her students in on her Type 1 while also filling them in on the ABCs and 123s (that’s what you learn in 3rd grade right?). Taylor also tells us about her experiences witnessing all the classic Type 1 symptoms before Mary’s eventual diagnosis and the unexpected ways Mary’s Type 1 has influenced the way she teaches her 3rd grade class. It’s another amazing conversation so take your seats everyone and don’t forget to turn in your homework because Ask Me About My Type 1 is teaching with Type 1!!!


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