Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep12: Type 1 Twinning…Sort of

No, I didn’t post two different pictures of the same person! And no, this episode isn’t an ad for the incredibly outdated and not at all relevant enough for a joke Doublemint Gum company! Today’s guests are Shelby and Sydney; the Payne Twins! And while the two are in fact identical twins, Shelby was diagnosed with Type 1 and Sydney wasn’t. But despite this, the two still learned how to manage Shelby’s Type 1 and are now at a point where Shelby trusts Sydney with just about any part of her Type 1 management. In our conversation the two tell us how they helped each other manage Shelby’s Type 1 while attending Type 1 camp together, as teammates on highly competitive youth soccer teams that played internationally, and also attending med school. It’s twin appreciation week on Ask Me About My Type 1 everyone so grab a seat and tune in to the Doctors Payne and I as we talk all about (sort of) Twinning with Type 1.



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