Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep13: Type 1 Moms

This one is going out to all the Type 1 Moms. And this week Ask Me About My Type 1 means that in every sense of the phrase. Because not only do we have a Type None guest who is Mom to a Type 1 daughter, we also have our Type 1 guest who has a two year old of her own. Type 1 guest Marci tells us all about her experiences after her Type 1 pregnancy and what parenting as Type 1 has taught her. Marci’s friend and our Type None guest, Lindsay, is your typical Type 1 mom who manages her daughter’s Type 1 along side her husband who ALSO lives with Type 1. Strangely enough this episode became the mostly highly Type 1 concentrated I’ve had to date and for reasons that you’ll just have to hear to believe. So be on your best behavior and don’t eat Mom’s low snacks because it’s all about the parenting with and for Type 1 on this episode of Ask Me About My Type 1.


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