Season 4

S4Ep11: Type 1 in the Movies

ANOTHER EPISODE?!?!? That’s right Type 1ers and Noners. Ask Me About My Type 1 is here for the second time in just as many days and we’re going to the movies!!! This week is all about the very bad and kinda of good but mostly bad portrayals of Diabetes in tv and film. And to talk with me about the not good, the bad, and the really really ugly of Diabetes tv and film I have on Kelsey and Lucy, writers and actresses themselves who are doing their part to cure the industry of their terrible Diabetes portrayals. Kelsey has written a feature comedy script inspired by her life with Type 1 and friend of the show Lucy, a Type None guest from all the way back in Season 1, comes back to sit in the Type None seat again because she’s currently developing a tv series where she hopes to play a Type 1 character based on her experiences growing up with her Type 1 sister Maggie.


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