Season 4

S4Ep12: The Cost of Anything

Oh hey Type 1s and Nones! Diabetes Awareness Month might be over but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still more Diabetes conversations to be had. And this week on Ask Me About My Type 1 we’re busting the oldest of Type 1 Myths because it’s about time someone did (again)! We’re talking about the old betes adage, “You can do anything with Diabetes!”. And to help me talk about how true this statement IS NOT, I have with me Abbie and Anna. Abbie is our Type 1 guest for a second time this month and tells us more about how Type 1 kept her from the career in music that she had grown up dreaming of. In the Type None seat this week is Abbie’s friend from college Anna who joins us as an artist currently pursuing a career in music to tell us the truth about how difficult it is to make it in the music industry even when you don’t have Type 1.


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