Season 4, Type 1 Diabetes

S4Ep13: The Type 1 Unknown

**TRIGGER WARNING** Eating Disorders

This week on the podcast I discuss the topic of Eating Disorder and Diabulimia with my new friends Edie and Ronan. Edie is our Type 1 this week and was recently made an ambassador for the Eating Disorders Association of Northern Ireland before realizing she had gone through Diabulimia as a teenager while attending boarding school. Ronan is Edie’s Partner and our Type None for this conversation and was there during Edie’s realization of her experience with Diabulimia. Ronana tells us about the perspective he gained on his own mental health through helping Edie through hers. It’s a serious episode for sure but a hopeful one nonetheless. If you or anyone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please consider reaching out the resources below.


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