Season 4

S4Ep3: Married with Type 1

It’s a new week Type 1s and Nones and THIS time around we’re talking Marriage with Type 1, with Lexie and her Type None husband De’Andre. Because Type 1 AND our relationships are parts of our lives that must interact, Lexie and Deyondre tell us what it’s been like for them and how they’ve been able to make the most out of a very difficult and unique Type 1 situation. Lexie also shares with us how she’s been using her social media platform, The Sugarless Society, to not only support the Type 1 community but also as a way to help other Type 1/Type None couples navigate a relationship with each other AND Type 1.

Season 4

S4Ep2: Type 1 Shaken, Not Stirred

Oh Hi Type 1s and Nones! We’re getting responsible this week on the Ask Me About My Type 1 because it’s all about mixing Alcohol with your Type 1! But given my COMPLETE lack of any useful knowledge on anything booze related, our Type 1 guest this week is Jen Walton from the SugarFree Mixology blog! She shares with us all her hawt hawt tips for drinking while Type 1 along with easy ways to make your favorite drinks less carby but just as yummy (ugh that one made me cringe). Her Type None friend Heather joins us to share her experience with SugarFree Mixology and what learning about Type 1 from Jen has done for her.

Season 4, Type 1 Diabetes

S4Ep1: Coaching Type 1

Oh Hi Type 1ers and Type Noners!!!! Ask Me About My Type 1 is back and Season 4: The Season of More is here!!!! We’re being coached on the topic of coaching this week by two experts in the field! Type 1 Whitney and Type None Nicole sit down with us to share their approaches to the practice of professional coaching and what getting that helping hand can do for just about anyone. So look alive and don’t forget to stretch Type 1s and Nones, because Season 4 is NOW and coaches Whitney and Nicole are here to get you where you want to be with Life, Type 1, and Everything!!!!