Season 4

S4Ep3: Married with Type 1

It’s a new week Type 1s and Nones and THIS time around we’re talking Marriage with Type 1, with Lexie and her Type None husband De’Andre. Because Type 1 AND our relationships are parts of our lives that must interact, Lexie and Deyondre tell us what it’s been like for them and how they’ve been able to make the most out of a very difficult and unique Type 1 situation. Lexie also shares with us how she’s been using her social media platform, The Sugarless Society, to not only support the Type 1 community but also as a way to help other Type 1/Type None couples navigate a relationship with each other AND Type 1.

Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep14: Communicating the Type 1 Experience

Type 1s and Nones!!! It’s the finale of the finale. That’s right! Part 4, the final installment of the Ask Me About My Type 1 Season 3 Finale Special the Series is here! This very special episode is the live recording of the Connected In Motion Virtual Slipstream Workshop that I did a couple months back. Here I share why I think sharing our Type 1 stories is so important along with some tips on how you can do it yourself! In addition to my TedTalk I was also lucky enough to find three Type 1 volunteers, friend of the show Jordan (S3Ep.1) and new friends Katie and Sarah, who helped me open up the conversation based on their varied experiences with that thing we call Type 1. I had a lot of fun with this and I hope it gives you some sort of insight into your Type 1 experience. Thank you all again so much for this very special season of Ask Me About My Type 1!!! See y’all for Season 4!!!

Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep14: More than just a post…

Oh hi Type 1s and Nones!!! I’m back AGAIN this week and this time with Part 3 of the Ask Me About My Type 1 Season 3 Finale Special Series!!! On this very special episode Lexie, Lauren, Qiana, and Antoinette come back and share with us their thoughts on the posts that everyone in the Diabetic Online Community is talking about right now. Recent happenings on social media brought to light major issues within the Type 1 Community that quite frankly aren’t new, but need to be addressed. Because while the discussions many of us in the Type 1 Community are now having may have been inspired by a post on social media, the problems they represent go much much deeper. Thank you again to Lexie, Lauren, Qiana, and Antoinette for their help with this episode.

Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep14: Amplifying Black Type 1 Stories Part 2

Welcome back Type 1s and Nones!!! I knew you’d be back for Part 2 of the Ask Me About My Type 1 Season 3 Finale Special Series!!! In Part 2 I have on new friend Lauren and friend of the show Qiana Drew. In our conversations we talk about specific struggles that are entirely unique even with the Type 1 experience. Lauren tells us about her experiences being racially discriminated against by her medical care teams which kept her managing her Type 1 the way she wanted to. Qiana comes back to speak with us about her struggles with Diabulimia at a time when the term itself didn’t even exist. This one is full of tough but necessary conversations that our community should be having more.


Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep14: Amplifying Black Type 1 Stories Part 1

Oh Hi Type 1s and Nones!!! It’s Finally here!!! Season 3 Finale Special Week!!! And to start it all off here is Part 1 of the Ask Me About My Type 1 Season 3 Finale Special Series!!! On this very special Season Finale episode, I have on Type 1s Lexie and Antoinette who are both working to connect Type 1s like them on levels far beyond that of BG numbers and insulin ratios. Lexie is working to create a network of Type 1 women who are looking support navigating through the milestones through her website The Sugarless Society and Antoinette is wanting to reinvent what it means for young people to live with Type 1 and not against it through the non-profit she recently created, The Diabaddie Organization.

Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep13: Type 1 Moms

This one is going out to all the Type 1 Moms. And this week Ask Me About My Type 1 means that in every sense of the phrase. Because not only do we have a Type None guest who is Mom to a Type 1 daughter, we also have our Type 1 guest who has a two year old of her own. Type 1 guest Marci tells us all about her experiences after her Type 1 pregnancy and what parenting as Type 1 has taught her. Marci’s friend and our Type None guest, Lindsay, is your typical Type 1 mom who manages her daughter’s Type 1 along side her husband who ALSO lives with Type 1. Strangely enough this episode became the mostly highly Type 1 concentrated I’ve had to date and for reasons that you’ll just have to hear to believe. So be on your best behavior and don’t eat Mom’s low snacks because it’s all about the parenting with and for Type 1 on this episode of Ask Me About My Type 1.

Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep12: Type 1 Twinning…Sort of

No, I didn’t post two different pictures of the same person! And no, this episode isn’t an ad for the incredibly outdated and not at all relevant enough for a joke Doublemint Gum company! Today’s guests are Shelby and Sydney; the Payne Twins! And while the two are in fact identical twins, Shelby was diagnosed with Type 1 and Sydney wasn’t. But despite this, the two still learned how to manage Shelby’s Type 1 and are now at a point where Shelby trusts Sydney with just about any part of her Type 1 management. In our conversation the two tell us how they helped each other manage Shelby’s Type 1 while attending Type 1 camp together, as teammates on highly competitive youth soccer teams that played internationally, and also attending med school. It’s twin appreciation week on Ask Me About My Type 1 everyone so grab a seat and tune in to the Doctors Payne and I as we talk all about (sort of) Twinning with Type 1.


Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep11: Teaching with Type 1

Hey Type 1 and Nones!!! I’m back and class is in session. This week I have on Type 1 Mary along with her best friend and our Type None guest, Taylor, both of whom are 3rd grade teachers. Mary shares with the us the not so heard of perspective of the Type 1 teacher, that is a school teacher who lives with Type 1. Mary tells us how she’s managed to fill her students in on her Type 1 while also filling them in on the ABCs and 123s (that’s what you learn in 3rd grade right?). Taylor also tells us about her experiences witnessing all the classic Type 1 symptoms before Mary’s eventual diagnosis and the unexpected ways Mary’s Type 1 has influenced the way she teaches her 3rd grade class. It’s another amazing conversation so take your seats everyone and don’t forget to turn in your homework because Ask Me About My Type 1 is teaching with Type 1!!!

Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep10: T1 Diagnosis in the Time of COVID

This week on Ask Me About My Type 1 I have on Marissa who was diagnosed only a few weeks ago during the current global state of COVID 19 crisis. So much of the information relating to COVID 19 and Type 1 assumes that Type 1 is preexisting, but what happens when your diagnosis comes in the middle of the aforementioned pandemic? That’s where my new Type 1 guest Marissa and her Type None boyfriend, Charlie, come in. Marissa and Charlie tells us how they’ve been navigating Marissa’s newly diagnosed Type 1 while in the bubble of quarantine, how she’s been managing Type 1 so far, and the huge support Type 1 social media has been. It’s a fascinating perspective that thousands of newly diagnosed Type 1s are currently living and Ask Me About My Type 1 is here to learn all about it!!!

Season 3, Type 1 Diabetes

S3Ep9: Type 1 Guy Talk

This week on Ask Me About My Type 1 I have on the co-founder of Maximus Bolus, Matt Tarro, and his long time Type None friend, Nick Parker. Matt and I discuss the apparent lack of a male presence in the Type 1 space that we both noticed and what Matt has been doing to hopefully address it. As co-creator of the newly formed Type 1 guy group, Maximus Bolus, Matt tells us how the group came to be and what it has already been able to accomplish through web calls with Type 1 men from around the world. Parker is our Type None guest and asks some really great Q’s in the interest of being able to connect on the Type 1 level with the three Type 1 men that he knows. So grab a seat in your favorite lazy-boy recliner and tune in to this week’s Ask Me About My Type 1 all about guy talk.